Reflection is a Luxury Good

IMG_7255Sunday morning musings;

Reflection is a luxury good. Truth and reality are hidden in speech, stories and narration. Poetry is an image of reality. That which is stored in memeory is real; That which is forgotten is as if it never existed.

Scrawling incomprehensible notes on my Big Chief pad I stumbled across the steamy parking lot like a one-armed orangutan onĀ  a demented mission to return an overdue “Mr. Bean” video to the public library. “I am,” I said.

When abundance becomes opulence, morality often falls by the wayside. The boundaries between “win” and “fail” seem to blur. The past is reduced to a slide show. The future is a YouTube video that won’t load. And the future is a jumble of jaunty yellow buttons blurting “OMG” and “Awww” and “TL;DR”. What else can we do but click through?