Web Diversions from Pablo

So when I am not looking for a gig, working on a gig, or other giggity gig, or producing art, sometimes I build silly little php apps. They are mostly Web/Twitter silliness. Most of them are of little value beyond lame amusements. However, if you are into this sort of thing,  here is a non-exhaustive list of some complete wastes of time. Feel free to get the full code from GitHub and use it as you like. If you find some interesting ways to use them or add new features or find a way to improve upon what’s there (I’m sure there is room for improvement), please share it back. I would love to see what you make of it.

  • MeowBot. Like cats? Press the button, get back a “meow”. (Tweets too.)
  • HipsterBot. Not too hip, really. Script puts together random gibberish to produce more gibberish.
  • Robot-Rant. From Anti-robot.org. A little media criticism with your diversion.