A Modest Proposal

I love making art; painting, graffiti (only legal, of course), books, stamps, prints, php scripts … I would totally love to sell some. Well, I have sold a few pieces here and there, but I have not sold enough to pay for art supplies or keep from filling up what small space I have.

As much as I like painting, etc. I am prepared to give it all up for the right price. Think about it; scarcity equals higher prices, right?. So imagine if you could corner the market on Pablo Art.¬†All that Pablo Art could be worth millions! Really. Buy all my art in one swell foop. make millions! And help me quit my day job so I can go skateboard everyday. And I won’t make any more art. I’ll probably just hang out with my daughter, skate, ride my fixie and write silly php scripts.

Sound enticing? Contact me. Let’s make a deal.