Graffiti Art in Your Town

Here and over at The Anti-Robot Inundation Army we really dig graffiti art (and well done tags). Walls, trains, billboards, streets …. as long as they are covered in graffiti, we’re in! While we definitely dig art with a message, anything colorful makes us happy.  With that in mind, we’d like to share some graffiti art in our city … and anywhere else we happen to be. Some we’ve made ourselves (not telling where) but most we just appreciate.  If you appreciate graffiti art too, please send us a pic or two or three. We’ll display it here. I’m sure there is an email address somewhere on this site*. Extra shout out to graf from far flung regions, graf with a political message or protest  … and a super thank-you/respect for art from areas of conflict. 
Send along a postal address if you’d like to receive a hand-printed postcard or other garbage from our art swap in recognition of your contribution.