The Great Art Swap

TRADE YOUR STUFF WITH PABLO/THE ROBOT/OTHER ARTISTS Once in awhile I get random stuff in the mail. I absolutely LOVE this and I like to return the favor by sending back some of the stuff I’ve made. So I’m trying to do the same thing on a slightly larger scale in an attempt to make lots of people …

PabloArt Art Store is Open for Business

Keep the presses rolling and the propaganda coming. Get some art while you are at it. … and help Pablo buy beer. Start with hand printed linoleum block postcards from some of the Anti-Robot Mail Art campaigns. Check out limited edition hand-made books as well as single edition books. There may even be a painting …

About Pablo

Paul “Pablo” Wright is an artist who has been working in various mediums since he was a small child. From a purely artistic standpoint, Paul is a muralist working mostly in acrylics and spray paint. He enjoys creating abstract art using shades, tones and lots of dots; lots and lots of dots.

Guess I Better Walk

There was this guy on campus who walked very, very slowly and seemed to watch every step he made. Most people thought that he was very strange, which in fact, he was. I asked him once why he walked so carefully and so slowly. He said that it was to keep from running.