Yours to Keep

Our pals over at the Anti-Robot Inundation Army have sent over a hand stitched “Junk Journal” as part of our Journal Swap project and it is just too good to keep to ourselves so we want to pass it on. We’d love to see what you might come up with as a “trade”.  So send a junk journal and we’ll send you this one. Its pretty cool, containing found art, and the Anti-Robot’s own brand of art: robots, hand-made rubber stamps, linoleum block prints, envelopes with prizes, and a sampling of the Anti-Robot project philosophy. For those of you unfamiliar with the Anti-robot Inundation Army project, it explores propaganda, advertising, consumerism, Data, information and  PHP programming. Its pretty punk … so be warned. If the demise of Capitalism is not your thing, stick with PabloArt’s Art Swap… We have not received too much political stuff in that one. 
If this journal gets traded away before we receive your junk journal, we will make you one of ours (Hard cover, no less). Or if you really must have this one, please contact PabloArt directly. We’ll be happy to set up the swap.